Zena Whitening Cream

Zena Whitening Cream


Zena whitening cream comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large.

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Zena whitening cream was designed with all natural ingredients that will help lighten up your skin in as little as five days. This product helps reduce pimple scares and other acne-related scares as well. This is a great skin whitening treatment for all skin types. It removes dark spots, blemished skin, pigmentation and other discolorations.

water, ehtyllexyl, methoxycinnamate , aloe vera, gel extracts, glycerine niaciamide (vitamin B3) titanuim dioxide soduim ascorbyl phosphate (pro vitamin C) tocopheryll acetate (pro vitamin E) pyridoxine hydrochloride (pro vitamin B6) disoduim EDTA Perfume.

Direction for use:
After washing with Zena green or orange soap. Apply Zena whitening cream on the face or other dark areas such neck, elbow, and knees. (Tips: to conserve the amount of cream, spray Zena rose water onto face to damp it then apply Zena whitening cream for best absorption, thin application is suggested. Apply twice a day for quicker results.


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Small, Medium, Large


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